Steve Clarkson


Current Bike:
Raleigh Path Racer

I’ve been cycling since I can remember.

I competed in my first Cyclocross race in 1973, on my Raleigh Chopper (yes a Raleigh Chopper).

I started mountain biking in the mid 80’s, then around 1990 I bought my first ‘proper’ bike.

I raced a lot in the early 90’s, got into mountain bike orienteering and did that for many years.

Road riding was new to me…….

A couple of years ago my wife signed me up for the football to Amsterdam Prostate Cancer ride as she needed a break, where I met a great bunch of lads.

I did the ride again in 2016 but it was 300 miles this time.

I now find myself involved in this fantastic adventure and its a great way of raising much needed funds for our local hospital.

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