Steve Watkins


Current Bike:
Raleigh Revenio Disc 2

I started cycling in around 2000, when I decided to take part in the London to Brighton. I had a steel Mountain bike and was hugely overweight, but for the next 4 years I completed the ride, which was a huge achievement to me. I also took part in a couple of summer tours, where we would load the bikes with panniers, and ride around Yorkshire one year, and Holland the next. Great times.

The bike was then consigned to the shed for a few years until 2010, when I decided to renew my interest. This time a new Mountain bike was purchased by virtue of the Cycle to Work scheme. Several ‘longer’ rides were completed, such as London to Cambridge, Windsor and Southend, amongst others.

In 2015 things started to ramp up. Still with my Boardman MTB, I was asked to lead a team from Stevenage FC to take part in the London to Amsterdam ride for Prostate Cancer UK. The following year, armed with a brand new road bike, which was a massive game changer and I have not used my MTB since, we rode Amsterdam again, this time starting from Stevenage. And then again in 2016 we rode for the same charity, but took the new Yorkshire to Amsterdam route, with a twist – riding from Stevenage to the start of the ride in Barnsley. We rode 309 miles over the 4 days.

I am proud to say that in the 3 years, we as a team, have raised over £25k for Prostate Cancer UK.

I now regularly ride out, and can safely say I am 5stones lighter than when I started, proof that regular exercise, and cycling in particular is so good for you.

Away from the bike, I work at a large shopping centre as a Site-Supervisor. I also work for the BBC where I am commentator for mainly Stevenage FC games. Needless to say there is a lot of travelling around, but it has taken me to some great places such as Wembley, Old Trafford, White Hart Lane  and Goodison Park. Not bad work if you can get it!

This Twin Towns 1000 ride represents a major step up for me, and will be a massive challenge. The organisation is something to be taken seriously and I am really looking forward it. To be able to help genuine local causes drives me on though and if we as a group can make a difference for even a small number of people, the event will have been a major success.

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