Stephen Hibberd

stephen hibberd


Current Bike:
Connondale CAAD8

If you were to ask any of my friends if I could complete a ten day, 800 odd mile cycle challenge laughter would be the common response!!

I only started cycling a few years ago when I signed up to do the 2014 prostate cancer London to Amsterdam ride. You see I am the sort of man that needs to set myself a challenge else I find it very hard to get the motivation  to get on my bike often after a hard days work,  often finding it easier  to open a bottle of wine and relax.

Once i had registered  to cycle to Amsterdam  it gave me the drive to get on my bike and get fit, so much so that I genuinely started to look forward to my weekly rides. As the sponsorship money started to flood in I knew there was no going back, I completed the ride in June 2014.

So when I received a message from Steve Watkins who organised the Stevenage FC 2014 ride asking if I fancied meeting up to discuss another cycling challenge I was intrigued, so we met up in June 2016.

Well I had no idea what to expect but over the next few hours amongst lots of talk and laughter the twintowns1000 ride was born.

So after a year out of the saddle I’m excited to be getting back in the saddle to complete what will definitely be the single biggest, most amazing challenge I have ever done!!

If we hit our fundraising target all the effort and pain will be so worth it.

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