Peter Woolmer


Current Bike(s):
Flat barred Carrea Gryphon road bike
Whyte hybrid

My interest in cycling began in my early teens when through a friend I got involved in a local club and took part in Youth Hostel weekends and summer tours. Unfortunately, the whole process of starting work, girlfriend, marriage, house, children, further education, keeping a car going, etc, meant I did not do cycling for over 27 years. In recent years, initiated as an escape from the stresses of working life, I regained my interest and opportunities to cycle as a hobby and have become a Cycling UK (CTC) member riding mostly with the Stevenage North Herts section.

Hearing about Graham Hoare’s ambitious project to run a sponsored cycle tour to the twins towns of Stevenage to raise funds for certain departments in the Lister inspired me to want to take part rather than simply donate. I have myself benefitted from an air lift and the services of A & E at the Lister which is reason enough for me to want help in raising funds.

For the first few years of returning to cycling my annual mileages amounted to a few hundred miles including a few commutes to work in the summer. In last few years my annual mileages have crept up and up and now amount to a few thousand miles, riding to work every working day and many many worn out bike parts.

Riding from Stevenage to the Twin Towns of Stevenage presents a whole new challenge. To do long daily mileages day after day and sitting back on that saddle each time will surely not be an easy task. But it has to be done! So here goes, lets help the Lister, wish me luck and be as generous as you can.

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