our team of riders


Darren Heath

I only started riding in January 2016 after yet another serious ankle injury from playing football. I have already completed two 100+ mile sportives as well as a few shorter ones of 50-76 miles.

This will be be by far the biggest challenge I have undertaken. Hopefully we can raise some much-needed funds for the hospital.


Adrian Morris

I am so enthusiastic about this challenge it is unbelievable. What will keep me training and what will keep me focused during the challenge will be the knowledge that local causes will be benefitting


Graham Hoare

In December last year I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. As I recovered I had a desire to give something back. If we can make even a small difference to the quality of health care in the Lister then my desire to give something back to a hospital that was there for me in my hour of need would have been satisfied.


Neil Trebble

Over the last 3 years I have been involved in charity events that have raised over £70,000. The lister hospital looked after me when I was born prematurely.

I want this challenge to be embraced by all of Stevenage as we seek to furnish parts of the hospital with much needed equipment


Stephen Hibberd

I only started cycling a few years ago when I signed up to do the 2014 prostate cancer London to Amsterdam ride. I’m excited to be getting back in the saddle to complete what will definitely be the single biggest, most amazing challenge I have ever done!!


Steve Clarkson

I’ve been cycling since I can remember. A couple of years ago my wife signed me up for the football to Amsterdam Prostate Cancer ride as she needed a break. I now find myself involved in this fantastic adventure and its a great way of raising much needed funds for our local hospital.


Steve Watkins

I started cycling in around 2000, when I decided to take part in the London to Brighton. In 2015 I led a team from Stevenage FC to take part in the London to Amsterdam ride for Prostate Cancer UK. The Twin Towns 1000 ride represents a major step up for me. To be able to help genuine local causes drives me on through.


Peter van Poelgeest

Like all the Dutch people I cycle since the day I was born. The Twin Towns 1000 ride will be a tough challenge for me as well, and hopefully I can join from Stevenage, otherwise I will do the Dutch, German and French part.

My wife Nancy will join as well to support (maybe bike a bit as well) and hopefully we can raise a lot of money for our charity.


Ben Austin

I’ve always enjoyed cycling, but only started to take it seriously in 2012 inspired by the Olympics in London. Got my first proper bike through the Bike2Work scheme, and promptly took part in a charity ride through work – where I joined a group of lads for 2 days cycling between Premiership grounds in East Anglia & London. The TwinTown1000 will be, by far, the biggest challenge I’ve undertaken.


Damion Roberts

My interest in cycling is one that’s come about over the past few years. Before 2014 the last time I’d been on a bike was when I was about 12. When Steve Watkins told me about Twin Towns 1000 I knew I’d have to take part. So I’ve bought a bike, I’ve bought the gear and now it’s time to put in the hours ahead of summer 2017. I’ve already been chased by a dog so I can’t wait to find out what else awaits.


Brian Hopgood

Getting up every morning and cycling 100 miles everyday for 9 days, “You must be mad” said my wife, “No” I said.” We are just lucky that we are able to do it”. I’m extremely exited about joining this team and looking forward to this massive challenge and hope I can be of help with my experience on the continent.


Peter Woolmer

Riding from Stevenage to the Twin Towns of Stevenage presents a whole new challenge. To do long daily mileages day after day and sitting back on that saddle each time will surely not be an easy task. But it has to be done! So here goes, lets help the Lister, wish me luck and be as generous as you can.

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