Graham Hoare


50 (just)

Current Bike:
Bianchi Nirone 7 

‘Back in the day’ when people my age were young most of us got around on a bike, I was no different, using it to get to college and work in my late teens.  I then spent many years using a bike occasionally until around 2011 when I purchased a mountain bike and got the bug back. In the last few years I have cycled around the Isle of Wight off road, completed the London to Brighton a couple of times, the London 100 and London to Paris off road.  I also have a passion for running and on occasion have participated in duathlons with friends and work colleagues.  I have run the Athens Marathon inside my target of 4 hours – I also try to run a few half marathons every year to keep me in shape.

At the age of 17 I joined the RAF and then spent 24 years travelling the world, spending many years living in Hong Kong, Germany and Italy.  During these years I was a keen football player and played for clubs such as Westbury and Calne in Wiltshire when based nearby.  In 2008 I left the RAF and settled in the area in Old Knebworth.

In December last year I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had a Radical Prostatectomy on February 2nd at the Lister.  I had great treatment and as I recovered I had a desire to give something back in some format.  When Steve Watkins mentioned that the team were looking to organise an event to raise funds for something local I was very interested in accepting their kind invitation to join them, when he mentioned the Lister I was in for sure.

Over the last few weeks I have been out running in preparation for my first half Marathon post op, the Great North Run which takes place on 11th September – Mo had better watch out!  I missed this last year due to my health, my aim is to get inside 2 hours.

If we can make even a small difference to the quality of health care in the Lister from the funds we raise then my desire to give something back to a hospital that was there for me in my hour of need would have been satisfied.

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