Damion Roberts



Current Bike:
Boardman Road Sport

My interest in cycling is one that’s come about over the past few years.

Before 2014 the last time I’d been on a bike was when I was about 12 – a long cycle from my home in Oldham uphill to Hartshead Pike, a nearby monument on a hill on the edge of town and then back again. I preferred the downhill part.

I’ve had a passing interest in the sport for a few years but it’s only recently that I’ve really taken notice. It began when I was on holiday in 2014 and, with it raining outside, I stayed indoors and watched Chris Froome pull out of that year’s Tour De France.

Strangely, I was more hooked by the drama of that – the gritting of the teeth and clenching of the fists to battle on despite the pain – than I was when he’d won it the previous year.

When Steve Watkins, who I know well from our time following Stevenage FC home and away, told me about Twin Towns 1000 I knew I’d have to take part. What a great way to raise money for a fantastic cause. At first I was keen to take part on just the first day, but after talking more with Steve and the other guys about it I’ve committed to the full distance.

So I’ve bought a bike, I’ve bought the gear and now it’s time to put in the hours ahead of summer 2017. I’ve already been chased by a dog so I can’t wait to find out what else awaits.

Although I’m starting from a point of complete novice, it’s a challenge I’m really looking forward to.

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