Adrian (Ade) Morris


Current Bike(s):
Claude Butler Criterium
Ridgeback World Tourer 

I started cycling in my teens when I used to cycle to and from Stevenage Indoor Market where I had a part time job at the butchers. I enjoyed cycling so much I started to spend more and more time cycling around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and found myself cycling further and further afield.

Unfortunately my cycling ceased for a large number of years when I concentrated on eating and drinking and drove everywhere (not at the same time). My fitness suffered but as I was busy bringing up 2 great children with my wife I just never found the time to get back on that bike.

In 2015 and 2016 I decided to do something about getting cycling again and purchased a Claud Butler road bike and signed up for the London to Amsterdam Bike Ride but due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to complete. However, I have managed to complete several recreational Sportives over the last couple of years.

I then purchased a Ridgeback World Tourer to use on longer more leisurely and have gone from strength to strength as my love of cycling has increased and I am so enthusiastic about this challenge it is unbelievable.

As has been highlighted this Twin Towns 1000 ride represents a major step up for me and will be a massive challenge.  What will keep me training and what will keep me focused during the challenge will be the knowledge that local causes will be benefitting and hopefully making things better for a large number of people in my town.

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