Presentation at the Stevenage Twin Towns AGM

October 7, 2016

Tonight we attended the AGM of the Stevenage-Ingelheim-Autun association to promote TwinTowns1000.
Steve did a fantastic job in talking through our plans to the association’s members in the council chambers in Stevenage!!
Steve explaining what our plans are
We were really fortunate to have Jo Burnham, Head of Charity at East & North Herts Hospital Charity with us to talk through the purpose behind our fundraising and where our fundraising will be spent.
Jo Burnham, East & North Herts Hospital Charity, explaining to the association what our fundraising will help them achieve.

It was really well received by the association, and we had several offers of contacts in both Ingelheim and Autun that would be able to help us on our travels.  We are certain that both the TT1000 and the association will be able to work well together over the coming months.

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